Are you making the most out of HubSpot?

It might be time for a complete HubSpot audit.


What's a HubSpot audit, if I may ask?

A HubSpot audit is a way to assess if you are using your HubSpot portal in a way that maximizes your marketing and sales effectiveness and your investment.

HubSpot portal audits are a good idea if you’ve been using HubSpot for a while and have never performed a refactoring or clean-up effort.

A good time to perform an audit is before next year or next quarter, or to facilitate a marketing and sales reboot. 

An audit is a great way to ensure you’re leveraging 100% of HubSpot’s power and identifying and addressing problems hidden in plain sight that undermine your marketing and sales investments.

HubSpot B2B Marketing Team
HubSpot Marketing Team

Why audit your HubSpot portal right now?

You need to improve marketing performance, for example:

  1. You’re not generating enough leads or they are of poor quality
  2. Your funnel is leaking: leads falling out the cracks of your funnel
  3. You have a ton of stale leads in your CRM that you’re not sure how to reactivate
  4. You don’t feel you have the right data to make informed decisions
  5. You need to remove underperforming assets, such as landing pages and email templates that don’t convert visitors into leads


You need to improve sales performance:

  1. You need to re-align your marketing and sales teams around the same goals
  2. You need your sales team to work more efficiently on priority leads and deals
  3. You need to have visibility of your sales and marketing teams’ activities with reports 
  4. Your deals win rate is low and deals take too long to close 


Your HubSpot portal needs house-keeping:

  1. Too many stale contacts steal the focus of your marketing and sales activities 
  2. Too many unused lists, and poorly converting landing pages are still in use 
  3. Every new campaign you tend to reinvent the wheel because marketing assets are not easily reusable
  4. Launching new campaigns takes forever
  5. Your prospect data isn’t well segmented 

After it's done, what then?

When HubSpot won’t be getting anymore in the way of your marketing and sales activities, you will have the confidence to build upon a solid foundation and accelerate your pipeline growth. 

Having a revamped and well-oiled sales and marketing function will help deliver the strong results you need in the next quarter and over the next year.

And don’t worry, when you’re done if you still need help, we’ll always be an email away and ready to help on new tasks and projects.  

B2BNitro HubSpot Team Meeting

How does it work, exactly?

Step 1

Initial Review

We get together to learn about your business, your current strategy, and your performance.

Week 1

Step 2

HubSpot Audit

Our team will dive into your HubSpot portal to review its current state and start documenting our findings.

Week 2

Step 3

Report Write-Up

Our team will describe our findings in a comprehensive report and suggest solutions.

Week 3

Step 4

Final Review

We will meet with you and your team to review our findings and discuss the pros and cons of our recommended solutions.

Week 4

B2BNitro HubSpot Audit

Why work with us

As outsiders looking at your business we are as unbiased as possible and not being part of your organization, we won’t be clouded by office politics or preferences. 

Besides that, we’re a HubSpot Solution Partner. Our team of experts has worked on HubSpot portals ranging from pre-seed SaaS startups to large multi-portal instances for public Enterprises.

We have helped businesses adopt HubSpot, and inbound marketing and implement outbound campaigns to fill their pipeline.  

We don’t do cookie-cutter services for our clients: we make sure to understand each company’s positioning and internal organization to deliver a solution that fits their business and teams.

As a result of our work businesses have found tremendous benefits in having a HubSpot implementation that makes them more efficient in their everyday work and is built to scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

The whole HubSpot Audit will take 4 weeks. Throghout the whole process we will meet weekly on alignment and collaboration meetings with your team. 

Yes, we will need you to nominate a member of your team to be your internal manager for the audit and help us by producing or gather the information we need. The estimated effort for this person is 2-4 hours per week. 

Standing that the audit’s report is ready to be consumed and implemented by your team, we would be happy to help you implement our recommendations.

The implementation part is not included in the audit and will be quoted separately, depending on the actual scope.

We constantly onboard new clients for HubSpot audits. Get in touch with us to know how soon we can get started with you. 

Send us a message here. We’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

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