How We Work

Our processes have been extracted from real-life battle tested strategies and best practices. During the implementation phase they are tailored for each business and optimized around meaningful business goals.

Baseline Analysis

We assess the current situation based on present and past performance as well as the business landscape around the company. We establish a baseline to benchmark against as we work with the company to improve their revenue-driving KPIs. 


Based on market analysis and past deals we come up with the best targets for the company to form the new strategy.

Goal Setting

We start to lay the foundation to evaluate future performance by identifying the KPIs and codifying OKRs.

Process & Tools Implementation

We start building out the CRM structure, the leads and deals stages and tracking component that will allow us to execute campaigns and measure the data.

Marketing Sprint

We start executing the defined strategy by building customer journeys for the Personas and Accounts we selected in the initial phases. 

Sales Sprint

We review and build / rebuild the sales enablement material to be relevant for each phase of the buying process and each Persona. 


We measure our success and iterate over the items that might need tweaks and improvements.


We continuously review our learnings from the past sales and marketing sprints and integrate them back into the main strategy. We always strive to reach the next step with a better process and smoother execution.